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RaUW: Populism RaUW
The Biggest Visual Power Show


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RaUW ADE Special


Grote Gala van het Terrorisme



Passion 2004

The Final New Years Party

Nederlandse Dans Dagen

Matthäus Passion - The Remix


Scriabin's Ecstasy

1st Xiamen Video Dance Night

Batcave No More

State of Bliss
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State of Bliss
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High Tech Soul Movement

State of Bliss
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State of Bliss
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State of Bliss
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High Tech Soul Movement

State of Bliss
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2001: A Space Odyssey

State of Bliss
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Super State of Bliss
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State of Bliss
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pimp!veejay label
<!-- launch party -->

State of Bliss
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Video Vision

State of Bliss
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State of Bliss
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Heineken Horizons 2000

A Higher State of Consciousness

Zero Zero

Heineken NightLive
Movies in Concert

Sophisticated Boom Boom

Speedfreax Ibiza

Ab Igne Ignem Capere.

In Memoriam Peter (1954-1999)

Sixth Sense

Countdown to Zero Zero

The Holy Heart


Automatic Veejay Machine - Launch Party


Run on the Spot

This Way 4 U

00-Kaap Horizons

XXL Extra Extra Long Party Night Non Stop

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VideoChem: Happy End Of The World

NewsRoom Slam

Japanese Love Party

Noorderslag Festival

Object vs. Pixels

Old Tapes

The Forbidden Empire: Screentest 2

The Forbidden Empire: Screentest 1

Loveball 5




Radical Easy Listening Party

Know How 1.0

Stereo Adult Groove Easy Listening Probe Party

Grand Gala d'Airbag

In Dub

Digitale Slachting

Bar Harmony

Loveball 4

Lucid Interval:
Positive Poison


RoXY Interactive!

Disco Infinity
50 Infinite Fridays

I'll white you

The After After Party

Disco 1993 Foundation

Dark Party

Hover Hover

Rabotnik TV


Friday, June 10, 2005

Club 11, Amsterdam

Friday, May 13, 2005

Club 11, Amsterdam

Friday, Apr 29, 2005

Club 11, Amsterdam

Friday, Apr 8, 2005

Club 11, Amsterdam

Friday, Mar 11, 2005

Club 11, Amsterdam

Friday, Feb 11, 2005

Club 11, Amsterdam

Thursday, Jan 20, 2005

Paradiso, Amsterdam

Friday, Dec 10, 2004

Club 11, Amsterdam

Friday, Nov 12, 2004

Club 11, Amsterdam

Friday, Oct 23 - 15:45 - 16:45

Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Friday, Oct 22, 2004

Club 11, Amsterdam

Friday, Oct 8, 2004

Club 11, Amsterdam

Saturday, Sept 11, 2004

Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam

Friday, Sept 10, 2004

Club 11, Amsterdam

Friday, July 9, 2004

Club 11, Amsterdam

Goede Vrijdag, Apr 9, 2004

Melkweg, Amsterdam

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2003

De Ruimte, Amsterdam

Saturday, Oct 4, 2003

Theater ah Vrijthof, Maastricht

Thursday, Apr 17, 2003

Melkweg, Amsterdam

Saturday, Sept 28, 2002

Now & Wow, Rotterdam

Friday, Sept 20, 2002

Now & Wow, Rotterdam

Saturday, March 9, 2002

CEAC, Xiamen

Monday, December 3, 2001

More, Amsterdam

Sunday, September 2, 2001

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Monday, August 6, 2001

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Sunday, July 1, 2001

Solaris, Bloemendaal/Zee

Saturday, May 26, 2001

Club de Ville, Amsterdam

Friday, May 25, 2001

Paradiso, Amsterdam

Saturday, May 5, 2001

Bevrijdingspark, Haarlem

Saturday, April 14, 2001

Now & Wow, Rotterdam

Sunday, April 1, 2001

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Sunday, March 4, 2001

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Sunday, February 4, 2001

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Saturday, January 20, 2001

Now & Wow, Rotterdam

Sunday, January 7, 2001

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Sunday, December 31, 2000

Chemistry, Amsterdam

Sunday, December 3, 2000

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Saturday, December 2, 2000

Club de Ville, Amsterdam

Sunday, October 22, 2000

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Sunday, October 1, 2000

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Friday, September 29, 2000

Club de Ville, Amsterdam

Saturday, September 16, 2000

Mazzo, Amsterdam

Sunday September 3, 2000

Supperclub, Amsterdam

August 25-27, 2000


Sunday August 6, 2000

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Sunday May 7, 2000

Supperclub, Amsterdam

Sunday May 7, 2000

Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

April 28, 2000

RAI, Amsterdam

April 8, 2000

Chemistry, Amsterdam

January 1, 2000

Chemistry, Amsterdam

November 30 - December 5,1999

Ahoy, Rotterdam

November 20, 1999

Paradiso, Amsterdam


El Divino, Ibiza

June 21, 1999

RoXY, Amsterdam

June 17, 1999

RoXY, Amsterdam

February 13, 1999

Chemistry, Amsterdam

December 26, 1998

Chemistry, Amsterdam

November 21-22, 1998

De Balie, Amsterdam

November 18, 1998

Manhattan, Arnhem

November 12, 1998

Music Centre 013, Tilburg

October 9, 1998

Smart Space, Amsterdam

September 19, 1998

De Melkweg, Amsterdam

September 5, 1998

Café Matta-Clark, Dortmund

April 29, 1998

Heineken Horizons, Amsterdam

December 20, 1997

Chemistry, Amsterdam

December 12, 1997

MonteVideo, Amsterdam

September 27, 1997

Chemistry, Amsterdam

September 13, 1997

De Melkweg, Amsterdam

April 12, 1997, 21:00 - 04:00 CET

De Balie, Amsterdam

January 11, 1997

Oosterpoort, Groningen

December 6, 1996

De Balie, Amsterdam

April 11, 1996

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

April 11-14, 1996

Roxy, Amsterdam

November 18, 1995

Vrieshuis Amerika, Amsterdam

October 30-31, 1995

RoXY, Amsterdam

September 15, 1995

Supperclub, Amsterdam

July 8, 1995

Chemistry, Amsterdam

June 15-17, 1995

Sonar´95, Barcelona

May 27, 1995


May 25, 1995

RoXY, Amsterdam

April 21, 1995

Chromapark, Berlin E-werk

January 20, 1995

Paradiso, Amsterdam

October 1, 1994

Paradiso, Amsterdam

October 6, 1994

Mazzo, Amsterdam

August 19-21, 1994

Civitella d´Agliano, Italy

May 16-17, 1994

RoXY, Amsterdam

April 13, 1994

Mazzo, Amsterdam

April 8, 1994

RoXY, Amsterdam

February 4-10, 1994

RoXY, Amsterdam

Fridays (1993-94 season)

RoXY, Amsterdam

June 21, 1993

RoXY, Amsterdam

April 17, 1993

Supperclub, Amsterdam

September, 1992

RoXY, Amsterdam

July 17, 1992

Gold 5F, Minato-ku, Tokyo

April 11, 1991

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


Channel 4 Amsterdam

Museum Boijmans-Van Beuningen, R'dam
RauW friday... RauW RauW RauW RauW RauW RauW RauW amsterdam dance event... rAUW... lolly... SEE BUY DIE... RaUW... lolly... lolly... picture start... national ballet god is a dj club club xiamen batcave no more club batcave aan zee... speadfreax audio Haarlem... more bliss more bliss BLISSTAPES 2000>1 2000>1 2000>1 2000>1
state of bliss
himself state of bliss state of bliss 000001000022 pimp label state of bliss lowlands state of bliss
state of bliss
. 000001000022 chemistry 5 YEARS . kaapmens picture start... . Disco Inferno Peter Giele . vj-machine . 013 . Hong Kong hong kong: reporter Horizons1998 . . . . . . picture start... . picture start... . . . . Barcelona . . . . . . . . . . BlindRom Flyer Flyer Flyer Flyer Flyer . picture start...
SPECIAL EDITION Feat. Whitey Next Nature:lectures, videos,etc A panel on VJing and video art in the year 2004. Six artists with different creative styles and different approaches present their work and discuss today's ins and outs on visuals in the dance industry. Moderator: Gerald van der Kaap a.k.a.00-Kaap. Feat. Graham Daniels (Addictive TV, uk) | Eboman (Sample Madness, nl) | Fabian Grobe (Bauhouse, d) | VJ Milosh (pl/f) | Micha Klein (Micha Klein, nl) Joost van Bellen | Jojo de Freq | live Warren Suicide | Black Strobe DX & EFX feat. Ivan Smagghe | 00-KAAP ... 00-KAAP (image)

Aardvarck, Joost van Bellen, Laidback Luke (sound)

Smart Project Space | De Ruimte - 19:00 - late

00-KAAP from 01:00 till dawn

00-KAAP + Aardvarck 2 Shows

6 DJ's and 3 VJ's remix Bach's St. Matthew Passion feat. Aardvarck, Joost van Bellen, Laiback Luke, Lemon8, Ronald Molendijk, Steve Rachmad + Michal Butink, 00-Kaap, Roel Wouters ... SOLD OUT

DJ's: Cleon Macnack, Benny Rodrigues, Lacroix, Roog

Visuals special: IDIOM - New Dialogs in Vision and Sound, feat. Barkode, 00-Kaap, a.o.

DJ's Golden Wonderboy, Hitmeister D

Scriabin's Ecstasy

Feat. Rotterdam Young Philharmonic conducted by Valery Gergiev

Artistic direction: Gerald Van Der Kaap. Host: Ted Langebach.

Movies & music by DJ/VJ 00-Kaap

Jacky - a feature film by Fow Pyng Hu & Brat Ljatifi

Gerald van derKaap a.k.a. Mr. Freeze (DJ) + (everybody else) Upstairs: Dimitri, 100% Isis, Angelo

Downstairs: Ruud van der Peijl a.k.a Robin, Gerald van der Kaap a.k.a. Mr. Freeze

DJ's Ruud van der Peijl a.k.a Robin, Gerald van der Kaap a.k.a. Mr. Freeze

VJ Erwin Olaf a.k.a The Pinguin

DJ's Dimitri, 100% Isis, Angelo

+ 00-KAAP terrace

DJ's Joost van Bellen +


DJ's Dimitri + Angelo


DJ Lucien Foort


DJ's Omid 16B, Dimitri, Mark Logan, Quinten de Rozario ft. Jessie K., Prinz, Lacroix


DJ's Dimitri, 100% Isis, Angelo + VJ 00-KAAP DJ's Dimitri, 100% Isis, Angelo + VJ 00-KAAP DJ's Dimitri, 100% Isis, Angelo + VJ 00-KAAP DJ's Dimitri + Angelo


DJ's Dimitri, 100% Isis, Angelo + VJ 00-KAAP VJ 00-KAAP Finnigans Wake

Feat. Henkes & Bindervoet

DJ's Dimitri,100% Isis, Angelo + VJ 00-KAAP

VJ 00-KAAP Amsterdam Dance Event A new collaboration between DJ's Dimitri, 100% Isis & VJ 00-Kaap

Experimental sounds and visuals

DJ's Angelo (S.O.B.) + Geoffroy (S.S.R). Vocals: Lex; VJ: Michal

The Land of ...

St Germain +

PIMP!s sofar: 00-KAAP, Omski, Stalker, Tactical, KMKZVJ, C-men, Solidrocketboosters, GYZ, JP10000, Gnocci, Mindcollision and the PARbros


A new collaboration between DJ's Dimitri, 100% Isis & VJ 00-Kaap

Experimental sounds and visuals

DJ's 100% Isis + Angelo

Videoprogram compiled by The Netherlands Media Insitute ft. videos by 00-Kaap, R.E.L. 2000, Michal Butink, Marcus Kreiss , Nam June Paik, Pipilotti Rist, Bill Viola, and many others

Shown on a LED-screen across
the lake.

A collaboration between DJ's Dimitri, 100% Isis & VJ 00-Kaap

Experimental sounds and visuals

DJ's 100% Isis + Angelo
VJ's Dept

A collaboration between DJ's Dimitri, 100% Isis & VJ 00-Kaap

Experimental sounds and visuals

State of Bliss will happen every first Sunday o.t. month. 18:00 - 01:00 hrs

4e Kunstvlaai

5 screens in the Machinehal of the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.

00-Kaap vs. dj DMDN

9 Hours Non Stop. 5 Beams onto the world's largest screen (30 x 200 ft.). (Again)

DJ's: Alexander Koning & Michel Becks, Ian Pooley (live), Michel de Hey, Dave Angel, Luke Slater (live), Richie Hawtin (Decks, EFX & 909)
Chemistry 5 years

DJ's: 100% Isis, Josh Wink, Dimitri, Marcello, Joost van Bellen
. Gerald Van Der Kaap live at Rotterdam AHOY with 80 member symphonyc orchestra

VJ-team: Michal Butink, Rogério Lira, Anneke Saveur en Caitlin Hulscher

A celebration of movies and moviesoundtracks. 56,000 People attended the shows.
Paradiso i.s.m. Testlab

DJ Eddy de Clerq, hosted by Nicky Nichole
Beaming onto the roof

DJ Joost van Bellen & Disco Twins
A meeting of friends after the funeral of Peter Giele which ended abruptly when the roof caught fire. Club RoXY burnt down that night.

Ft. Joost van Bellen, Dimitri, Eddy de Clerq, Ardy B., Caitlin Hulscher, Danielle Kwaaitaal, Micha Klein, R.E.L., Walruss, Dept., Robert Blockland, the RoXY crew and many many friends.
In momeoriam Peter Giele.

High Tech Soul Movement.
5 Screens.

DJ Dimitri
Live recorded for Chemistry on TV. Broadcasted February 24

DJ: Dimitri solo
SoundFX: Leo Anemaet
Live camera: Michal Butink.
Apres le veejay

DJ: Marcello solo
Three (!) different shows by VJ 00-Kaap done in collaboration with Dutch poet Jacob Groot.
The weekend at the Balie is organized by Anna Tilroe. Lectures, movies and a saturday night salon.
Other artists include Danielle Kwaaitaal, Fiona Tan and Ian Kerkhof.

DJ: Victor Niederländer
Opening act of the ave.com Festival in Arnhem

DJ: Victor Niederländer
Launch party. Official booting of the Automatic VJ Machine created by 00-KAAP.

See: how to...

The Automatic Veejay Machine was commissioned by the City of Tilburg for the the new rock temple 013 in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

See: ~00kaap/013.html for a documentation of the project
Live video-keyboard and mix onto six screens with live act Theremin

DJ's: BacktoBack Soundsystem + more
Also ft. vj's Blind Spot and Eyegasm (Gabriel Kousbroek)
World Wide Video Festival

Live video-keyboard and mix on twin screen

DJ's: Mad Ed, L-Dopa
Live video-keyboard and mix on twin screen

Live act: Porter Ricks
VJ 00-Kaap feat. Chicks on a Mission + Rogério

11 Hours Non Stop. 5 Beams onto the world's largest screen (30 x 200 ft.).

DJ's: Laurent Garnier, Angelo, Ronald Molendijk, Grooverider
Live on Stage: Luke Slater
Live video-keyboard & thunder

Extra long sets with Remy, Marcello, Ronald Molendijk
Live video-keyboard and mix on twin screen

DJ: Victor Niederländer
Live video-keyboard

Support VJ: Hootchi Cootchi

DJ: Marcello
World Wide Video Festival

Live video-keyboard

DJ: Mad Ed
VJ's: 00Kaap (Amsterdam), Cut-Up (Rotterdam), Eye (Tokyo)

DJ's: Arjen de Bruin, Narouz

Pictures: Yasumasa Yonehara
. Live lounge session

DJ: Victor Niederländer
Old-tapes-remix at opening party for Kaap's solo exhibition Live portraits in collaboration with Rineke Dijkstra

DJ's: Dimitri, Joost van Bellen, Shaun, Richard and Karin

Live portraits in collaboration with Rineke Dijkstra
Live video-keyboard

DJ's: Malcolm Duffy , Heller and Farley, D'mitri, Johnson, Robert Owens, Rachel Auburn, Armand Van Helden,Paul Jay, David Morales
Live on Stage: The Shamen, Minty ft Sexton Ming, Volvo, Right Said Fred, Samantha Fox, Shirley (more)
Live video-keyboard

DJ: Joost van Bellen
Live video-keyboard

DJ's: Dimitri, Marcello
DJ: Victor Niederländer DJ's: Bas, Leo
Light: Robert Blokland
Hi-Tech Soul Movement
DJ: Dimitri
Live on Stage: Volvo, Ad Visser (Brain Session)
DJ: Julian Goethe Airbag. A tribute to Safety.

DJ's: Eddy de Clerq, Quinten de Rosario, Frankie D, Marcello, Andrew, Mr. De Bruin, Ardy B., Paul Jay, Antoine, Crazy Shaun, G.Force, Solid Nature & Synchro ft. Carlijn, Joost van Bellen, EFX, Karin, DNA, Leo Anemaet, Gerald Van Der Kaap
Hi-Tech Soul Movement

Ft. Spacelab. A multi-media experience by Gerald Van Der Kaap
DJ: Dimitri. Live on Stage: Zion Train, Dub Tribe
VJ Battle organized by Eyegasm

DJ: Steve Green
Open-air festival
DJ's: Various locals
The Amsterdam Nightlife Fundraiser to Stichting Aids Fonds

DJ's: Boy George, Joost van Bellen, Jon Pleased Wimmin, Masters at Work, Jeremy Healy, Robert Owens
Live on Stage: Inner City, Leigh Bowery and Minty, Shocking Blue (more)
DJ: Steve Green April 9, 1994 @ AMP Shelter, Amsterdam

April 10, 1994 @ Supperclub, Amsterdam (afterparty)

DJ's: Joost van Bellen, Mr. De Bruin, Ricky Montanari
Introducing: BlindRom, The Residents Freak Show, Virtual Nightclub (more)

DJ's: Joost van Bellen, Antoine, Carl Craig, Fresh Up, Ardy B., Shaun, Dimitri
Experimental clubnight hosted by DJ Joost van Bellen and VJ Gerald Van Der Kaap

Resident DJ's: Joost van Bellen, Quinten de Rosario, Mr. De Bruin
Guest DJ's: Ricky Montanari, Joey Negro, Kid Batchelor (more)

Light: Robert Blokland.

Decor: Doran, Peter-Paul, Lennert, Matthew
Followed by a strictly illegal outdoor afterparty in the Vondelpark.

DJ's: Andrew, Antoine, Ardy B., Crazy Shaun, Dimitri, Edwin B., 100% Isis, Joost van Bellen, Remy, Stephen

Light: Robert Blokland.
DJ: Joost van Bellen Live action camera mix.

DJ: Joost van Bellen
Afterparty to Kaap's solo show*) in Tokyo. No video, no lights.

DJ: Joost van Bellen (on tape)

*) The show itself featured eight Chill Terminals, a one-person video-drug machine
Pre-recorded tape-mix at preview party for Kaap's solo exhibition

DJ: Joost van Bellen
Kaap & Co. produce, shoot, direct & edit 52 one-hour TV-shows that are broadcasted every Wednesday on Amsterdam cable. From God to Trash.

Motto: 'All that's fit to transmit'
Kaap invites DJ Hans Havenaar to play a set during opening party of the exhibition Kunst uit Rotterdam.

Live bass guitar and sequencer by Leo Anemaet
friday... friday... god is a vj god is a vj god is a vj no more audio more bliss 2000>1 2000>1 SUN, 3 DEC 000001000022 state of bliss tokyo bliss state of bliss 000001000022 screen+orchestra melted monitors database White Area